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How To Look Trendy in Ethnic Wear in Summer?

How To Look Trendy in Ethnic Wear in Summer?

How To Look Trendy in Ethnic Wear in Summer

Following a particular trend or making one are two different things, but both are great and lots of fun. Women love to follow the latest trends for the season. Some of them might even end up creating one. Trending outfits do not come to us just like that. They are subjected to immense experimentation on the stylist's part. The stylist, later on, passes the particular fashion trend to celebrities and influencers. Furthermore, celebrities and influencers bring those trends to us via social media and public appearances.

Every day, we see so many trends on social media. We can see some of our favorite influencers promoting a particular brand or a style so often. We may also be able to spot some of the newest trends on Instagram reels.

Every woman wishes to look trendy. And, for that purpose, she ends up searching for the right clothes. Going from one shop to another in the market or browsing numerous websites for the perfect piece of clothing is something we are all guilty of doing. And it is totally okay because we deserve the best and the trendiest summer outfits out there.

When looking for trendy clothes, it is important to remember what suits you and what does not. After all, fashion is all about carrying yourself in a modish and elegant way. Do not go for something that does not define your individuality or something that you are not comfortable wearing. Looking trendy is not as difficult as it sounds. In fact, with the right kind of guidance and clothing options, it is very easy to achieve.

It is rightly said, give women the right garments and they will make the best out of them. Styling and looking trendy in western garments is comparatively easier. The real challenge lies in looking trendy in your usual ethnic outfits. Styling an ethnic outfit to look trendy is no cakewalk. One needs to find the right Kurta with matching bottoms and addons like jewellery, dupattas or scarves.

Catering to the demands of the customers, Shree has come up with extravagant collections in comfy fabrics. Implementing new stitching methods and designs help us keep in touch with latest fashion trends. In turn, it also allows you to pick the right outfit for your next occasion from an amazing collection. So, take forward the age-old traditions in style by choosing ethnic wear over western for a while.

Here’s how you can look trendy while carrying your ethnic look. Catch some tips and tricks to look trendy this summer.

Look Trendy This Summer in Dori Wala Kurta

Kurtas have been an Indian woman’s go-to outfit from times immemorial. It is often said, when there’s nothing to wear, a great Kurta paired with the perfect bottoms can save the day. This is what Shree has always believed in. And we’ve certainly always brought your dreamy Kurta designs into the real world for you.

Before we dive right in, let us understand why dori wala Kurtas are so much in trend nowadays. Women have always loved cute bows and tie-ups in their outfits. This is why designers of ethnic wear decided to add this element into their usual designs. Dori in Kurtas is so successful that you can see many women adorning one. The best part of these kinds of Kurtas is that you can try out different knot styles, as per your convenience and wishes.

Where to Wear These Kurtas?

Kurtas with dori make the perfect casual, semi-casual as well as formal outfits. Wearing a Kurta with neatly tied doris gives an overall corporate look to your outfit. It also makes you stand apart from the crowd. If you want to look trendy and steal some spotlight, then a Kurta with dori is just what you need.

Add a pinch of pep to your elegant Kurta by attaching stylish and elaborate tassels to your dori. Not only this, you can make your boring Kurta come to life with doris and tassels, either on the neckline or at the sides of the hem.

Why Should You Wear Dori Wala Kurtas More Often?

  • Adds glamour to the overall outfit.
  • Become a trendsetter because doris in Kurtas are latest in trend.
  • Look trendy and turn heads for your exquisite choice in fashion.
  • Opportunity to try out new knot styles.
  • Elegant to wear and easy to carry.

Look Trendy This Summer in Ethnic Sets with Jacket

Ethnic sets have been quick in replacing the traditional suit. The traditional suit sets were embellished with sequins and stones that required women to give up on comfort. Thanks to where we are today, women are no longer required to sacrifice their comfort and convenience for the sake of dressing up.

An ethnic set is a clothing ‘set’ comprising of a Kurta or Kurti with matching bottoms and addons like a dupatta or jacket. Talking about ethnic sets with jackets, such a design is quite recent. It has been inspired by the popular Kurta with jacket style that was very popular in the 2010s.

Ethnic style jackets make your ethnic sets look interesting for a change. You can purchase an ethnic set with jacket to revamp your ethnic wear closet. What’s best is that ethnic sets with jackets are suitable for almost all occasions. Be it a corporate party or a casual day out with someone special, or maybe just an evening with the family, ethnic sets go best on all occasions.

Like What You See?

Shree’s white and coral floral printed Kurta comes with a palazzo and a floral printed jacket in white. Now when we talk of the elegance of this piece, we cannot forget to mention both- the Kurta as well as the jacket.

The cut sleeves Kurta in coral is adorned with cute floral motifs that look symmetrical. It is tight fitted at the torso, complementing your curves. The kurta is flary at the hemline. The jacket also flaunts the same kind of fitting, making this set suitable for women with all kinds of beautiful bodies. The jacket in white has an elegant floral print and the hues go well with each other. The entire set is made with cotton, which means that this is the outfit you will need to look trendy this summer.

Look Trendy This Summer in Kurta with Bell Sleeves

Kurtas, tops and tunics with bell sleeves have gained momentum in the last few years. Almost every woman owns one such garment that flaunts bell or any other kinds of sleeves. Bell sleeves are usually tighter at the top and looser as we reach the bottom. They are in the shape of a bell; hence, we call them bell sleeves.

One of the reasons why women love to wear tops, tunics, Kurtis, and Kurtas having bell sleeves is that they are very comfortable, especially in summer and monsoon seasons. Another reason could be that they look extremely stylish and add a pinch of modernity to your usual daily wear in ethnic. Adding different styles of sleeves to ethnic garments is symbolic of the amalgamation of western and ethnic fashion trends. And this is the way a brand must reach out to the modern Indian woman.

Looking trendy is every woman’s top priority and they deserve something that’s modern yet very much in touch with its roots. To meet this requirement, a beautiful Kurta with bell sleeves is what you should fill your shopping carts with right now.

Different Styles of Sleeves to Experiment With

  • Bell Sleeves
  • Cold Shoulder sleeves
  • Puffed Sleeves
  • Cap Sleeves 

Look Trendy This Summer in Stylish A-Line Kurtas

When we talk about a Kurta with an A-line silhouette, we refer to a garment that is fitted at the torso and open or loose fitted from the hem. It gives the impression of the shape of capital letter ‘A’. A-line Kurtas are suitable for all kinds of body types, so there is no need to be concerned whether an A-line Kurta would be your best buy or not.  

A-line Kurtas possess a flary look. You can wear an A-line kurta like a dress and there, you will be setting a new trend. Moreover, Kurtas and tunics with an A-line silhouette attenuate your curves in a graceful manner, making you feel more confident in your skin.

There are different styles available in the market and online stores for an A-line Kurta. However, the Kurta shown above flaunts a dori that can be tied to adjust the flare of the A-line the way you wish.

Who Can Wear A-Line Kurtas?

As mentioned above, A-line Kurtis are suitable for all body types. However, there are certain body types that are attenuated with an A-line silhouette. And, those are-

  • Apple Shaped Body
  • Pear Shaped Body
  • Hourglass Figure 

Look Trendy This Summer in Ethnic Dresses

There are many valid reasons for women to prefer long dresses over kurtas in summer. Long dresses are comfortable and are usually made with breathable fabrics like cotton and fleece. Such dresses keep you cool and moving on a hot summer day. The best part about a long dress is that you wouldn’t be required to wear fitted legging or pants, sticking to your skin and making you sweat unnecessarily. Also, in comparison to a short dress, a long dress wouldn’t tan your legs and scope for a heat burn is also low.

Long printed ethnic dress designs are youthful. So, if you are a college/ office going girl, a long printed ethnic dress is likely to stay in your wardrobe for a long time.

How to make your Long Printed Ethnic Dress look more interesting?

  • Uplift your look with an open hairstyle or a French braid to flaunt your jhumkas.
  • Wear silver/junk jewellery and maybe carry a simple sling bag to complete your look.
  • The color combination that you choose will also have a significant impact on your overall look.
  • Wear a combination of hot and cool hues like blue with white, green with lime or the classic, black and white and so on.

Look Trendy This Summer with Tunics from Shree

If you are aiming to look trendy in an Indo-western look, then this trend is just the one for you. Wondering what else goes well with a tunic other than the regular blue jeans?

Well, Ethnic fashion trends keep changing from time to time. But a tunic with jeans is one trend that has always been there. The versatility of this trend is that it is fit for almost all occasions. It happens to be a college-going girl’s go-to attire, or an office woman’s most loved casual yet comfy outfit. Or perhaps, a woman’s best friend that has always been there when she feels like she has “nothing to wear”.

Not only this, tunics are one of the women’s most favorite outfits for summer. Tunics provide immense scope for styling. Made with summer-friendly fabrics like cotton, rayon and fleece, tunics are going to be your go-to garments for the summer.  

What Can You Pair Your Tunic Tops With?

How To Shop for Trendy Clothes Online? 

Almost all women love to shop online. No doubt, online shopping for our favorite garments has made things much easier. But how do you guarantee a safe shopping experience online? The answer to this lies right below-

  • Read the product description for details like fabric, style, washing instructions etc.
  • Know your size and refer to the size chart before purchasing.
  • Read customer reviews; they are honest opinions of the product that you are willing to purchase.
  • Read the exchange and return policies thoroughly before making a purchase.
  • Always opt for Cash on Delivery when in doubt. 

Trying out new styles and designs keep us women going. We must never refrain ourselves from trying new garments, after all. One cannot achieve great things with a pre-conceived mind. Woo your fashion concerns away with Shree’s trendiest collection this summer.

Shop online only at byshree.com

Happy Shopping!

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