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Choose Stylish Bottom Wear for your Body Type

Choose Stylish Bottom Wear for your Body Type

Choose Stylish Bottom Wear for your Body Type

Bottom wear for ladies is a category that has been explored widely by ladies out there. It is an essential part of an individual’s wardrobe. Buying the right style of Kurta doesn’t complete your outfit, pairing a bottom with the Kurta does. Besides, choosing the right bottom wear for your body shape is important. Wearing the right kind of bottom wear will not only enhance but also compliment your figure. And if your search history is filled with searches like bottom wear with Kurtis or bottom wear for summers for a perfect appearance, you’ve landed at the right place. At Shree, we understand that it is crucial to select the right fit that embraces your body.

Every woman wants to look pretty and attractive. And to help them with that, a plethora of dresses are up on display for different occasions. But with abundance of outfits come a lot of confusion. It’s important to wear clothes that suit your body type. And this stands especially true for the bottom wear. Every woman does not have the same body type, so it is very difficult for them to choose the right bottom wear.

There are various types of bottom wear you can find online. But it’s essential to have bottom wear that fits perfectly to your body type. The time has come to ensure that you buy the best women bottom wear online for your body type. To find the perfect tummy tuck pants, you will want some help. Here we are with some tips to help you choose the best bottom wear for your body types.

At Shree, you can find Spring Summer Bottom Wear, Bottom Wear with Kurtis, Bottom Wear for Summers, Casual Bottom Wear for Ladies, and ethnic bottom wear for any body-type. Here you have everything that you need to add to your cart.  

Determine your Body Type:

Grab a pen, paper & measurement tape! Let's figure out your body shape. Knowing your body shape can make a huge difference to how you shop for your bottom wear for ladies.

There are three essential measurements you'll need to determine your body type: 

  • Bust: Measure at the fullest or widest part of your chest using a measurement tape and note it down on paper.
  • Waist: Measure the smallest part of your waist. It is above your belly button area. And note it too.
  • Hips: Measure the fullest part of your abdomen. It is not necessarily your hip bone.

Tip: While measuring, make sure you are wearing skintight clothes. For more accurate measurements, wear a camisole and a pair of undergarments.

Now you have the measurements! Check out the size chart and determine your gorgeous body shape. Let’s dive into different body types and the right kind of bottom wear out there for them.

Inverted Triangle Body Type

If your shoulder & bust measurements are bigger than 2-4 inches than the hip, well you have the inverted triangle body shape. So, the aim here is to enhance your hips and elements like ruffles, side pockets, flared bottom, or dhoti will do the needful. To highlight your legs, you can go for pastels & lighter shades.

Types of bottom wear you can try:

  • Vibrant fuchsia dupion solid trouser: The pockets will embrace your bottom area. The fuchsia color is bound to add some appeal to your bottom.
  • Beautiful light grey rayon solid palazzo: Palazzo pants create a height illusion. These combinations balance your shoulder and hip size. 

How you can make a statement with these latest women bottom wear:

  • Palazzos are the trendiest bottom wear with Kurtis and Kurtas. This combination helps showcase more width to the lower half.
  • Wear Kurtis & Kurtas with trousers having side pockets. It is the best bottom wear for summers that you can add to your wardrobe.
  • You can also wear these casual bottom wear for ladies with long tops & tunics.

So, what are you waiting for? Buy women ethnic bottom wear today and flaunt your flawless body.

Rectangle Body Type

If your shoulder, bust, waist, and hip sizes are all about the same. Then congratulations! You have found your body type. Generally, runway models carry such a figure. If you too have this body shape, then you are a lucky girl! Besides, you have many different types of bottom wear options to try. 

Casual Bottom Wear for Ladies with a Rectangle Body Type:

  • Unique off-white rayon solid trouser: These unique-flared trousers will make you look exquisite since they add more shape to your body.
  • Attractive blue cotton solid summer trouser: The low to mid-waist pants are predominantly considered to be the best outfit for you with the twist of the high ankle.

Walk this World Fashion Runway with these Latest Women Bottom Wear:

  • Off-white pants are the best bottom wear for summers, especially when worn with tunic tops. Feel light and comfortable by adding this type of bottom wear to your daily closet.
  • Put on these blue cotton spring summer bottom wear with tunic tops and flaunt your curves.
  • Tuck the tunic in and wear a statement bag with it.
  • Put on some black pumps to complete the look.

With these combinations, be the showstopper of your life and inspire others.

Hourglass Body Shape

Does your shoulder, bust, and hips look the same? Only the waist size is small? If yes, then you have the most admired figure types, an hourglass shape. Mid-rise, high-rise pants and flared-pants are the best for you if you carry this almost-perfect figure. It creates a longer and slimmer appearance of your legs.

Types of bottom wear you can flaunt your curves in:

  • Attractive navy solid legging: These casual bottom wear for ladies with hourglass shape will provide height to your legs. The dark navy color gives a slimmer look to your legs.
  • Women black rayon solid trouser: This mid-rise trouser will fit perfectly to your body. It will make you look taller too.

Blend these Latest Women Bottom Wear with:

  • Wear Kurtis with these navy solid leggings. Let your curves manifest best with these bottom wear with Kurtis
  • You can tuck in the Kurtis with these black solid trousers. Feel the beauty of your naturally long and lean legs.
  • Finish your look with a mustard yellow handbag and wedges.

Buy Women Ethnic Bottom Wear and get ready to gain lots of compliments coming your way.

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Pear Body Shape

If you have fuller hips as compared to your bust and shoulders, then you belong to the Pear-shaped body type category. The best thing to know about pear shape is that it is the most common body shape that women have in India. Also, it’s easy to style for you. The main aim is to draw attention to the upper body.

Types of Bottom Wear for Ladies with Pear-shaped Body:

  • Women silver dupion solid trouser: These Straight-fit pants will be an excellent option for your pear-shaped body. These will smoothen out your entire look.
  • Flawless light grey rayon solid palazzo: These flared pants are the perfect option for your body type. And they are not very hard to find. You just need to buy women's ethnic bottom wear that fits right.

Flaunt these Bottom Wear for Ladies with these Styling Tips:

  • Pair silver trousers with Kurtis and adorn your waist with a belt. It will make your waist look more defined and help you to look a lot slimmer.
  • Wear a shirt-like-Kurti with palazzo that will make your body look more subtle. It will draw more attention to your lower body.
  • Brighten up your look with long earrings and a clutch.

Go buy the latest bottom wear for women and start experimenting to look slimmer & attractive.

Apple Body Shape

If your waist size is more than your hip and bust, then Apple-shape is your body type. When we talk about the apple body type, a lot of people first think about women who are plus size. That is not necessarily true.

Thin or Curvy, Check these Perfect Types of Bottoms Wear:

  • Women light grey rayon solid palazzo: These flared pants are one of the best bottom wear for ladies with a bigger midsection. It balances out your bottom and gives you a lean appearance.
  • Women cream cotton solid summer trousers: These pants are the most suitable spring-summer bottom wear for a shape like yours. It will produce more attention to the upper body.

Why have we chosen lighter shades for bottom wear for ladies with an apple body type? Simply because the aim is to grab the attention to the lower body.

Tips to Style these Bottom Wear with Top wear:

  • Wear dark color tunic tops and pair these with palazzos. These combinations will add flawlessness to your style.
  • Pair tunic tops with these spring summer bottom wear. And add coolness to your professional outfit.
  • Put on some embroidered toe flats and complementary drop earrings.

Say goodbye to your old trousers and buy women ethnic bottom wear which suits you now.

Diamond Body Shape

If your hips are broader than your bust and shoulders with an undefined waist, then your body shape symbolizes a diamond-shaped structure. Buy women ethnic bottom wear that will lean and elongate your lower body.

Two rules to follow if you have a Diamond-shaped Body Type: 

  • Highlight the fact that the upper body and lower body are in sync.
  • Camouflage the wider waistline.

Types of Bottom Wear you should have in your Wardrobe:

  • Graceful rust dupion solid trouser: Diamond body-shape should wear pants that fall straight. No attention to the midriff please!
  • Women teal cotton solid summer trouser: Wear fabrics that flow over the body and don’t cling or stick out to the body. Go for fabrics like poly cotton, polyester, soft cotton, and avoid fabrics like hosiery.

Tips to Boost your Vogue Look with these Bottom Wear for Summers:

  • Wear a tunic that flows over the body and pair it with rust solid trousers.
  • Go for an A-line tunic top with these spring-summer bottom wear and brighten up your style.
  • Finish the look with wedgies and cute earrings.

Rejuvenate your wardrobe and buy women ethnic bottom wear of your fit.

Petite Body Shape

Women that are less than 5’4” come under this category. Hence, petite is a broad class involving various body types. For example, there can be petite: hourglass, petite apple shape, etc.

It is hard to find casual bottom wear for ladies that fits all. Yet in general, skinny and straight-leg trousers suit well on petite ladies.

Types of Bottom Wear to Give a Try:

  • Women red poly silk solid trousers: These straight-leg red solid trousers suit well on petite ladies.
  • Attractive maroon cotton solid ankle-length legging: These ankle-length leggings set well on petite body type. And stretchable fabrics are advisable for such a body type.

Tips to complete your look with these Bottom Wear for Ladies with Petite Body Shape: 

  • Wear shorter Kurtis with these bottoms. It gives your body a height illusion and makes it look leaner.
  • Put on some wedgies and brighten up your look with a statement bag.
  • Finish your look with a low pony hairstyle and drop earrings.

Follow those tips and buy women ethnic bottom wear that hugs your body.

We hope that this study will help you to find your body type. It will also assist you to determine the types of bottoms your body needs. But remember, fashion has no rules; you can experiment with it, and you can define your own style.

Now fill your shopping cart and buy women ethnic bottom wear from the above picks. Get the trousers that suit your body type for a smart and confident presentation. Stay in touch with us to be trendy.

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Happy shopping with Shree

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