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Rock an Ethnic Look this Festive Season

Rock an Ethnic Look this Festive Season

Rock an Ethnic Look this Festive Season

Indian women love to sport an ethnic look every now and then. Despite the modernization, we love how connected we are to our cultural roots. It’s truly said, every time a woman wears an ethnic outfit, she turns heads. There is something about an ethnic look that no other outfit can match. So, what is it? The grace? The elegance? You name it. An ethnic look is unbeatable.

The festive season in India is a great time for women to dress up. They can flaunt their favorite suits, sarees, ethnic sets, Kurtas and Kurtis on these festivals. In fact, most Indian women have an ethnic look planned in their heads for any and every occasion. From a formal family function to a casual dinner with friends, or perhaps, a wedding, women have it covered. As we may have mentioned earlier, Indian women are their own stylists. All that they do is pair an outfit with certain accessories, or addons like dupattas, scarves and voila! There it is - an extremely stylish outfit for the evening.

Now, you can wear all the ethnic outfits you want. But, how do you achieve the perfect ethnic look? It is imperative that you have an idea about which kinds of accessories and bottoms go well with which kind of ethnic wear. Before we proceed, let’s first understand what an ethnic look is.

What is an Ethnic Look

The word 'ethnic' implies a connection to one's cultural roots. An ethnic look means wearing outfits that are representative of India's rich cultural heritage. Despite globalization and modernization, most Indian women prefer wearing ethnic garments. What most women do is that they pair one ethnic garment with another to create an ethnic look that suits them. No doubt, women are creators of some of the best things in the world.

What is Traditional Ethnic Wear

There is a wide array of ethnic garments in a country like India. Most of them are regional outfits, belonging to one state or another. As we know, each Indian state flaunts its own traditional attire. Hence, it is challenging for brands to keep a tab on all of those. However, some generic ethnic outfits that we know of are-

Beige Kurta with a Hint of Glam!

Being glamorous is in your hands; it’s in how you wear your outfits with confidence. The way you carry yourself determines the impression you’ll leave on the beholders. Well, a Kurta is an outfit that tends to leave a tender yet glamorous impression when you put it on. A regular Kurta with a straight fit is often your go-to outfit when you want to wear something simple. But do you know that a straight Kurta can also be your pick when you want to grace up your style? Well, here you go!

How to Accessorize with Ethnic Wear

Here are some ways to accessorize well with your ethnic wear:

  • Pair it perfectly. For instance, with a beige Kurta like the one in the image, you can pair your black pants or trousers.
  • Add gold or silver if there’s a hint of gold/silver in the border of your Kurta.
  • Add a pair of bangles or a bracelet to your outfit.

Glitter your Style with a Green Dress

Your style is what makes your personality. Now glitter it up with a shiny green dress. Dresses, in general, are a modern outfit. However, at Shree, this modern piece of garment has been clubbed with a hint of tradition and ethnicity. Showcase your rocking attitude with a green dress that wears gold print as a crown. The tassels attached to the dori over the neckline make it look ravishing.

What is an Ethnic Dress

When you are surfing for ethnic, a dress might not be the first thing that must come to your mind. But that’s not the case with Shree. Here, you get a wide variety of ethnic dresses that transport you back to the traditional while keeping you at bay with the modern. An ethnic dress is a modern outfit having ethnic or cultural motifs adorning it.


Pep up your Ethnic Dress; Give it a Classy Touch!

A teal cotton foil dress, like the one in the image, is bound to make you feel elegant and at the top of your vogue. But here’s what you can do to add a classy touch to your ethnic dress:

  • Throw on your beige strapped sandals with this dress.
  • Let the gold in your earrings compliment the gold foil print.
  • Adorn your arms with a subtle bracelet.
  • Add a belt to define your waist better.


Long Dress to Define your Beauty Best

Take a long stroll in the park wearing a long dress that redefines your beauty in the best possible manner. Bring forth your best self with an ethnic dress this summer season and don’t worry about the scorching heat out there. A cotton dress will keep you at ease even in the hottest of days. And one of the best aspects of wearing a dress in summers is that you don’t have to look for a pair of bottoms.

What Accessories Go Best with an Ethnic Dress

When you wear an ethnic dress, you are a palette for your accessories. A dress gives you the opportunity to accessorize the best, and this is how you can do it:

  • A long dress demands heels to be worn as footwear.
  • A belt upon the waist looks amazing with a long dress. It gives a perfect flared look.
  • Carry a statement shoulder bag.
  • Try a pair of studs or hoops for earrings.


Rare Vintage Looking Tunic

Tops and tunics are your first choice when your friends are waiting for you downstairs for a casual outing and your outfit isn’t figured out yet. But what’s best about tunics is that you can find them in elegant fashion as well as casual fashion.

The tunic that you see in the image is an elegant and fashionable tunic that brings back the ethnic side of you. Though a tunic is most often a modern outfit, at Shree, we’ve merged it with culture and brough forth a classy garment.

What makes a Red Tunic look Unique

There are multiple ways in which your red tunic can look unique. Be it with the help of accessories or footwear, a red tunic can be adorned in many ways. Here are some amazing tips for you to adopt if you are wearing a red tunic:

  • Match your earrings with the print of the tunic rather than the color.
  • Wear flats if you’re pairing it with a palazzo; wear heels if you’re pairing it with jeans.
  • Add a small shoulder bag.
  • Add a pair of silver jhumkis or oxidized earrings to make a statement.


Elegant Kurta with a Jacket

Has the Ishaqzaade look of Parineeti made a lasting impression on your mind? It isn’t leaving, right? You want the look and you’ve already thought of a hundred different ways to accessorize yourself with a jacket vala Kurta. Well, at Shree, your wishes are fulfilled. There’s a wide range of jacket Kurtas that you can explore at Shree. Some are with tassels; some are with doris at the waist. The one thing common between all styles of Jacket Kurtas is that they are absolutely adorable.

Three Different Ways to Style a Jacket Kurta

When you have an additional garment like a jacket with your Kurta, you can style it in three different ways. Here’s how:

  • Contrasting jackets go well with the Kurti, like it’s shown in the image. You can pair the bottoms with the jacket to make it a perfectly contrasted outfit.
  • A jacket is also an individual garment, and therefore, it can be adorned separately with another Kurti.
  • You can wear the original Kurti as an individual garment without the jacket.


Pretty & Royal Red Kurta Set

Red is a color that we often pick when we want to turn heads and look our best. Well, an ethnic set in a combination of red and yellow will not only turn heads but will also make a fashion statement. And that’s exactly what a lady of today does when she walks by with confidence.

Love this Ethnic Set

Well, who wouldn’t? Ethnic sets are Indian women’s first love when it comes to everyday wear or occasion wear. And if the ethnic set comes in red, it’s even better. The set that you see in the image is made of soft polyester material. It is a two-piece outfit with a Kurta and a trouser. The Kurta is adorned in ornamental print while the trouser is plain mustard colored. The mustard goes well with the golden ornamental print on the Kurta. Also, the straight cut of the Kurta makes it an elegant piece of clothing at not-so-fancy events.


A Chic Tunic for the Modern Woman

Today’s woman is smart and sophisticated; she’s confident about her body and lifestyle. There’s no obstacle that can stop the modern woman from achieving her goals and fulfilling her ambitions. And the modern woman also deserves to look her best while feeling comfortable in her body. Therefore, a chic tunic like the one in the image is brought forth by Shree. Beautiful design, latest prints, and comfy fabric; you get it all in this tunic.

Let’s See why Ornamental Prints are In Vogue.

Surface ornamentation has been practiced in India for centuries. Be it the mirror work of Rajasthan or the phulkari print of Punjab, we’ve always admired and worn ornamentation in some form or other. In today’s time, ornamentation can be seen in the form of prints such as in the image above.

The tunic that you see here displays ornamental motifs all over and comes with tassel-like buttons that enhance its elegance. The pleated design in the front impresses the onlookers in an instant. And the balloon sleeves are a cherry on the top!

Grab this tunic for your casual outings, lunch dates or daily office wear. Pair it with jeans or a pant and slay all day!


Rock the Traditional Look with Kurtis and Kurtas

Tradition is embedded in our veins. As Indians, we follow traditions religiously and we want to be associated with them. It’s something we’ve grown to like about ourselves. Same goes for how we dress up every day. Some part of tradition resides in our outfits and accessories. It could be a plain kada or a payal or perhaps, bangles. And that’s why we love wearing ethnic Kurtas, Kurtis, and Ethnic Sets even as everyday outfits.

How do I style my Ethnic Wear

When it comes to ethnic wear, the first piece of garment that comes to the minds of the modern women is a Kurta. Be it a long or a short Kurta, it’s a traditional outfit that makes you stand out from the crowd. It allows you to accessorize as you want, and makes you feel comfortable as you go about it.

Styling ethnic wear is as easy if you have the right accessories and footwear. For a Kurta like the one in the image, you can increase the fun factor by adding some peppy elements. Style it up with drop earrings or pair it with white trousers; mix and match the right way, and you’re good to go.

Where can I buy Ethnic Online

If you’re on a lookout for such a beautiful blue Kurta or ethnic wear in general, you must wander no more. Shree is here at your disposal. Ethnic wear is our specialty, and we deliver the best to you. Get everything from a Kurta to a Dress; all here.

If you are buying ethnic online, make sure you go through the size chart, check the reviews of the product, and check the discounts.

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