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Look Elegant on Makar Sankranti with Cute Ethnic Wear from Shree

Look Elegant on Makar Sankranti with Cute Ethnic Wear from SHREE

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The day that starts with khichdi in breakfast has begun. It’s Makar Sankranti, everyone, and there’s a wave of positivity in the air that one can’t ignore. Sink your soul deeper into the positive vibes that surround you during this time of the year. Dress up beautifully for this festival and commemorate it in style. Check out the branded kurtis online sale at Shree or take a look at lots of new collection kurtis that are on display at Shree’s exclusive stores, or perhaps buy online ethnic for women out there. Curious to know why we really celebrate the festival of Makar Sankranti? Well, read on.


  • Why Do We Celebrate Makar Sankranti?

Have you ever wondered what Makar Sankranti's true significance is? Well, "makar" refers to the sign of Capricorn, while "sankranti" denotes the Sun's transition from one rashi to another. The term "rashi" refers to the zodiac constellation.

Knowing what it means helps the holiday make more sense than before, and you can truly appreciate celebrating it in style. Makar Sankranti is the most fortunate of a year's 12 Sankrantis. It's a Hindu holiday that coincides nicely with the solar year. This festival ushers in a fruitful harvest just like Lohri did. In Punjabi families, Lohri is typically celebrated, whereas Makar Sankranti is typically observed in Hindu households.

You start to notice a difference in the weather starting January 14th. The gloom has passed, and the sun starts to move in a different direction by moving from Dakshinayana to Uttarayana (South to North hemisphere).

Let’s delve into some historical facts that will enable you to see why Makar Sankranti is celebrated by Hindus in India.


  • History of Makar Sankranti

On the day of Makar Sankranti, Lord Vishnu destroyed the demons who wrought havoc on Earth by chopping off their heads and burying them beneath massive mountains. This represents the cessation of negative energies, making a place for pleasant vibes. You won't have time to seek for a suitable costume to wear to the celebration since you'll be too busy preparing for rituals, eating newly harvested grains, popping corn, devouring khichdi, and enjoying the spring season.

Don't worry, Shree is here to assist you with your Makar Sankranti outfits. We've compiled a list of three of our favourite attractive ensembles that you might wear this year. Everything is ready for you, from black ethnic wear to modern women's dresses. A broad list of ethnic party dresses awaits you. So, read now.


  • A Black Ornamental Printed Kurta with Trousers and Dupatta

Go for a black ornamental printed kurta with trousers and a dupatta for Makar Sankranti this year. Buy stylish winter wear for ladies to allow yourself to look most gracious on this festival.

If you enjoy wearing outfits with stunning gold-foil print, you can certainly purchase this great black ornamental printed kurta trouser and dupatta combination from Shree's unique autumn-winter collection 2022. This exquisite black kurta with trousers and a dupatta combo boasts remarkable characteristics. This black kurta boasts a mandarin collar neckline, 34-sized sleeves, and a wonderful fit and flare style. This kurta's tight waistline and beautiful midriff with handwork make it a classic to wear to any event or occasion. The ornate design in gold and crimson distinguishes and distinguishes this black kurta. It also comes with comfortable solid black kurta trousers and an ornately printed dupatta.

long designer kurtis online

The best winter collection is coming forth with this classy black ornamental printed kurta trouser dupatta set at low prices. Since the entire kurta set is made of 100% pure cotton fabric, you can stay in ease while allowing yourself to look gorgeous. Wear your favorite flats or pencil heels with this outfit, and accessorize yourself well.


  • A Green Kurta Sharara with Dupatta Set

For all the gorgeous ladies out there, Shree has curated a stylish but chic ethnic set that is going to put all eyes on them this festive season. From an awesome range of designer ethnic sets with dupatta, we have brought forth a green-colored kurta that comes paired with sharara and a cute dupatta.

If you enjoy wearing sharara sets that make you look not only beautiful but also modern, Shree will not disappoint you. Get this lovely green kurta sharara with dupatta set at the best price from a large selection of chanderi ethnic kurti and sharara sets. The green kurta has a round neckline, 34-sleeved sleeves, a straight hemline, and a decorated midriff. The midriff of this kurta is embellished with silver decorations. There is also a sharara with gold lining and a stylish dupatta. The kurta and matching sharara are made of poly silk fabric, while the dupatta is made of chanderi fabric. Purchase this short kurti with sharara and dupatta from Shree's exclusive ethnic sets for women.

short kurti with sharara

The green color of this kurta is its essence and beauty. You can always allow yourself to accessorize a tad-bit heavily with this kind of ethnic set, especially if you plan to wear it on Makar Sankranti or any of such festivals.

Go for this style today!


  • An Off-White Dress with Dupatta

An unpopular opinion says that off-white is the color of the ladies more than reds, oranges, and yellows. Yes, we agree that it is not a very popular opinion but get back to us when you see yourself in the mirror wearing this off-white dress with a dupatta from Shree – She is Special.

We can assure you that you’d be looking like a diva wearing this off-white dress from this brand. This dress also comes with a cute red-colored dupatta that adorns you fully.

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This off-white dress with a dupatta from Shree - She is Special is one item that may enhance your beauty with its colour. The off-white dress is flowy and elegant, and it will undoubtedly garner you a slew of comments when you wear it to a party. The dress comes with a pink dupatta that can be worn on one of your shoulders to add a traditional touch. You can also wear the dress without the dupatta if you choose. Aside from that, the off-white dress boasts wonderful details like a mandarin collar neckline with a v-cut and a decorative midsection, bordered three-quarter sleeves, and a fit and flare style. The entire dress is embellished with a pink ornamental print, making it suitable for both everyday wear and family functions. This outfit is available in Shree's Paavni collection for the 2022 autumn-winter season.

Go for it this Makar Sankranti.

If you love all of these styles, then you’d find yourself in mesmerizing ethnic garb as you visit our website – ByShree.com, and look at all the amazing styles that we have designed just for you.

Happy Makar Sankranti to all our patrons.

Keep shopping with Shree!
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