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Making Your Kurti Stand Out!

There is a reason why women love to wear kurtis – they are affordable, very comfortable, easy to wear, and can be used for almost all types of occasions. But the whole look of the kurti can be defined by what you team it up with, because all said and done, your choice of bottom wear could make or break your look. It is important to remember that different kurtis need different types of bottom wears.

Let’s take a look at the different types of bottom wear you can team with your kurtis:

Leggings – An all-time favorite and perhaps one of the most comfortable type of bottom wear is leggings. Because they are available in multiple colors and even prints, you can use them for all kinds of occasions – whether it is college, office or even a party!

bottom wear for women


Palazzos— Palazzos are the latest rage these days, and they are a great choice for the Indian summers due to their loose fitting and cut. They work equally well with long and fitted kurtis and are just as stylish with short tops too. They make you look both graceful and stylish at the same time

palazzos for ladies


Long Skirts— There was once a time when skirts were considered to be an outfit that only young girls would wear. However, today, the skirt has been reinvented and works as a wonderful option to team with kurtis, especially the shorter versions. These days, you can find skirts of all types – plain, printed, short, long – how you team it with your kurti, is a choice that is entirely in your hands!

long skirts for girls


Trousers— When you are going for a slightly more formal look, nothing can beat a pair of well-tailored trousers. Be it the casual cropped trousers or straight leg trousers for office wear, you should be able to team a kurti with it. Choose a pair of pants that are cut well and fit your body properly. You could look at pants that have a small amount of Lycra in them, because this will allow the pants to sit better on your body. Matching them with your kurti can give you the perfect semi-casual look you want for office.

Trousers for women


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