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Popular Styles of Kurtas for Everyday Wear

Popular Styles of Kurtas for Everyday Wear

Popular Styles of Kurtas for Everyday Wear

Ethnic wardrobe is an all-time favorite for all those who love to experiment with their looks. Be it a man or a woman, it gives all of them a chance to be traditional and modern at the same time. But this liberty has been a recent addition. Earlier things were different. Traditional was strictly conventional, and women of all other genders were expected to abide by that. Well, thanks to the fact that “change is the only constant”, women don’t have to deal with conventional notions of dressing up anymore. The traditional has fused into the modern, and all for the good. For all the fashion-conscious ladies out there, who want to make a fashion statement when they step out, a kurta has surprisingly become an ideal choice.

Kurtis and Kurtas for women were curated to ease their movements. The idea was to provide a type of clothing that would make women look stylish, decent, and be at ease in what they wear. Not all garments have the capability to do all of that, but a Kurta certainly does. You don’t need to carry a dupatta along with suits anymore as they are a hindrance to your movement. And the best way to do that is buy a Kurta and a matching legging, and style it as you want.  A lot of stylish Kurtis & Kurtas are available online as well as at stores, and there’s a huge variety to choose from. Let Shree welcome you to the world of Kurtas with open arms!

But before you head straight to our exclusive stores or check out our website, you should know the popular styles that are available with us. Also, go ahead and pick the right silhouettes, cuts, colors, and shapes. Let the WOW element come to life with Shree Kurtas. Check some of the styles below:


A-Line Silhouette

A-Line Kurtas are amongst your favorite styles of Kurtas, especially for a casual party, long-due lunch out, dinner evenings out, and corporate parties. It’s a style that comes under casual wear and yet, doesn’t count as one. It’s a totally chic attire, which when paired with leggings, jeggings, or jeans, comes out as trend-setter.

The pretty A-Line Kurta that you see in the image exhibit a perfect A-cut that is bound to make your heart eyes pop out. The brilliant mix and match of blue with brown is like a cherry on the top. Besides, there’s an under-cloth that covers the uncovered portion of the Kurta so beautifully. You can pair it with Palazzo pants, leggings, or trousers. Add some jhumkis to your outfit and be dolled up. 

Fit and Flared Silhouette

The very pretty cut of this style of kurta makes any woman look beautiful whenever she wears it. It can be worn to casual gatherings or special occasions too. Pair it up with leggings, elegant watch & high heels to look stylish.

Do you know why Fit and Flared is such a hit amongst women? Well, if it’s a woman reading this, she’d be able to answer this in a blink of an eye. The simple reason behind the popularity of fit and flared Kurtas is the outlining of the waist.

Most women love looking fit and perfect when they wear a Kurta, and this silhouette is made with that very purpose. If you look at the mustard Kurta in the image, you’d observe that there is a chunk of fabric at the waistline outlining it beautifully. That’s how fit and flare works.

Angrakha Silhouette

Earlier, Angrakha Kurtas were known as ethnic dresses. But, as Shree consumer, you’d know that Ethnic Dresses is a separate category in the ethnic fashion world now. Angrakha Kurtas is one of the most searched categories whenever women look up for Designer Kurtis & Kurtas Online Collection on Google.

The Angrakha silhouette has one layer of cloth overlapping the other layer, which is oftentimes tied with a side dori across the midriff. It’s quite a feminine style, and one of the most preferred ones by Bollywood icons. You can recall many iconic actors looking gorgeous in an Angrakha Kurta.

The Angrakha that you see in the image is a short form of the Kurta. It’s a latest trend and is a must-have in your wardrobe, especially if you truly are as much of a fashionista as you claim to be!

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Regular Silhouette

It’s the staple Kurta. The regular silhouette is the most common types of hem in the Kurtis and Kurtas category. It has a regular straight cut, with slits on the sides and a basic round or mandarin neckline. Most often, these Kurtas have ¾ sized sleeves. The best part about this Kurta is, you don’t really need an occasion to wear it. You can wear it anytime.

There’s no one way to style a Regular Kurta. You can add as many ornamentations to your look as you want, or perhaps, select your accessories as per the occasion. However, you won’t have to worry about overdoing it because the simplicity of this Kurta will complement whatever ornamentation you’d do for your look.

Tunic Style

A shorter version of the original Kurta is a tunic or top. These days, brands like Shree have come up with a whole new & exciting range of ethnic tunics tops. These are often composed of a mixture of both modern and traditional, which is why these tunics are much in demand these days. You can call it a short Kurta or a tunic.

A simple short kurta like the one in the image is bound to look great with jeans or trousers. You can pair it up with Kolhapuri Chappals or Juttis & Afghani earrings to look simply ethnic yet classy.

Pull out this look with a baby pink poly crepe tunic or short Kurta from Shree and be ready to be on the receiving end of all the compliments.

These are some of the most preferred styles of Kurtis & Kurtas that are in trend nowadays. You can go out and explore the variety of Kurtas available in the marketplace or sit at your home and log-in to byshree to shop online and get your favorite styles delivered at your doorstep. And if you’d like to take a walk, there’s a store of Shree – The Indian Avatar nearby you to welcome you to a world of beautiful Kurtas.  

If you’re a stringent trend follower, then this is the time to change. Be a trend-setter. Don’t follow, let others follow you. And let Shree help you become one! Look out for Shree’s ethnic collection for comfortable, affordable, and fashion-forward styles. Made of top-notch fabrics such as LIVA, rayon, poly silk, the Kurtas are designed to make you feel comfortable. Comfort of natural fabric makes these Kurtas easy to wear all-day-long, and the unique designs make them appropriate for any occasion.

Take a quick tour of the website and explore classy prints, patterns, lacework, beadwork, embroidery, and multiple other embellishments.

Keep shopping!

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