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The word dupatta is a combination of two Sanskrit words – du, which means two and patta, which means a strip of cloth” from Sanskrit. It is a long scarf like cloth, which is normally worn on the shoulders or around the neck and if often used to cover the head of the person wearing it. Generally a dupatta is worn with a ghagra choli or salwar kameez, which are the traditional costumes of India. The dupatta is synonymous with modesty in India and is also used as a symbol of respect, in front of God as well as elders.

History –

As per ancient evidences, dupatta is considered to have been first made by the people of the Indus valley civilization. The priests of this civilization used to wear a “Chaddar” or sheet over their shoulders and perhaps that is where the origins of the dupatta lie. It is also believed that during the Vedic times, both men and women used to wear a dupatta.

Different varieties of dupattas available in market –

There are several different varieties of dupattas available today and you can choose one that suits your outfit. A pretty dupatta can add to the charm and ethnicity of an otherwise simple outfit.

At Shree – The Indian Avatar, you can find a truly extensive range of dupattas. Our range will work great with any ensemble of yours – from simple kurtis to denims, from traditional suits to lehengas!

  • Jacquard dupatta — Beautifully woven with Zari, this dupatta signifies the amazing work that finds its origins in Banaras. These are further embellished with contrasting colors in the borders and tassels, which enhance the overall look of the outfit that it is teamed with. Not only do these dupattas work really well with Indian outfits, they also work great with fusion wear.

Jacquard dupatta


  • Organza dupatta— Add some colour to your regular wear clothes with these dupattas. Organza dupatta are perfect for mix and match and it can add style and class to any outfit. The sheer organza dupatta is prettified with embroidery and tassels on both ends, to give an added beauty.

Organza dupatta

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