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Top 5 Ethnic Wear Outfits That Are Suitable for Republic Day

Top 5 Ethnic Wear Outfits That Are Suitable for Republic Day

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India is a country of variety; you’d find varied kinds of food, cultures, customs, rituals, communities, dresses, and lifestyle. Wherever you visit in India, there resides variety and diversity. And that’s the real beauty of our country. We thrive in diversity, and we love togetherness. Unity is our prime motto, and together we are successful in obtaining everything. Same goes for the way we dress up in India.

Visit different regions and you’ll see a different lifestyle and a diverse dressing style. But what remains common almost everywhere in India is ethnicity. Ethnic wear is admired almost by everyone. Indians pick ethnic attire for any puja, rituals, weddings, receptions, or any important event. That is why nowadays, there is a trend of republic day clothes. The republic day special clothes are colored in saffron, green or white, which are the colors of the Indian flag.

If you are looking for ethnic kurta sets, ethnic wear sets, women ethnic sets or ethnic suit sets for republic day, then you have landed at the right place. At ByShree, we replicate the variety that we see in our country. So, by surfing the website you can get inspiration for republic day special clothes and buy them before it’s time to dress up! Want some ideas on what to buy? Go ahead and read more.

Teal Kurta Set for a Charming Lady on Republic Day

Teal color belongs to the family of green, and green is one of the colors of the Indian flag. Wearing either of the three colors of the Indian flag as republic day clothes is a trend these days. But what makes this ethnic set different is the teal color and the contrasting dupatta that it comes with.

Whether you are going to a republic day party hosted by a relative or a friend, or you are attending a corporate party at your office, this teal kurta set is bound to make you look classy. You can style this ethnic wear according to your will, and look as charming as you could. Make heads turn this republic day by wearing the perfect republic day special clothes.

Orange and Pink Kurta Set for a Gorgeous Woman on Republic Day

If you are a bubblish person who likes wearing bright and vibrant colors or floral prints, then there’s something quite appropriate we have for you. The combination of orange and pink is the best one that we could think of for your bright attire. It makes you look vibrant, and enhances your style twofold. This combination is best for anyone who wants to dress up in beautiful republic day clothes at this festival. It’s going to be a holiday for everyone, so you’ll get ample opportunity to style up nicely for a small party at your home or a little get-together at a cafe.

When it comes to styling this outfit, you could always follow your heart. Only you can tell what looks amazing on you! But for some inspiration, you can wear flats for footwear or pick statement heels if you know you can carry them well. Place your pink dupatta on one of your shoulders and slay in this attire. Wear a small golden bindi on your forehead and keep your hair open. And off you go!

Green Frock Style Kurta for a Beautiful Lady on Republic Day

Another green outfit is here to become your ideal republic day special clothes this year. We know that you’ve already shopped a lot for New Years and Lohri, and now you must be wondering if a new outfit would be feasible. But with ByShree, shopping is made easy for you. You can now buy beautiful republic day clothes from an array of ethnic wear sets and ethnic suit sets online at the best prices. So you don’t have to think twice before buying a new outfit for a festival or an occasion.

A frock style green kurta is fabricated with a soft and comfy fabric that you can wear for all day. It’s an A-line kurta that features ¾ length sleeves, a frock style long hemline embellished with gold foil print, and a round neckline with similar ornamental print. When you wear this kurta with a matching pair of leggings or pants for bottoms. You could allow yourself to ornament a little heavily with this kind of outfit. Wear a mangtikka and a matching pair of earrings to give yourself that perfect ethnic look.

Orange Kurta for the Charming Lady on Republic Day

Do you know why the color saffron resides in our Indian flag? What does it mean?

Well, for trivia, the color saffron indicates the courage and strength of our country while the color green indicates the growth, fertility and auspiciousness of India, and the white indicates truth and peace.

Now the courageous nature of saffron gives one a sense of country love. You feel deeply attached to your country when you clad yourself in a dress colored in saffron. This orange kurta is bound to make you feel as special as you could on republic day. It’s one of the perfect republic day clothes from a range of women ethnic sets

If you have already bought this outfit or are planning to buy it, then you must be thinking how to style it too. Well, we are here to solve your outfit issues here! The best part about this outfit is the matching trouser that it comes with. Wear sandals or statement heels to give it a chic look. If you want, you can also wear a cream colored or orange dupatta to create a well-coordinated outfit. Allow yourself to make heads turn as you slay in an orange kurta set from ByShree on this republic day.

Cream Cotton Ethnic Set for an Ideal Republic Day Outfit

Now, you have inspiration for saffron outfits as well as green outfits. So what’s left? White, of course!

Since wearing white is usually not an option for many women in Indian households, at ByShree, we have come up with an alternative. You could go for a cream colored outfit instead to represent the white of the Indian flag.

Represent peace and calmness by wearing this cream ethnic set featuring a kurta, pants and matching dupatta. Style it well by wearing pearl drop earrings and keeping your hair open. It’s an ideal republic day special outfit. And once you buy it, you don’t have to worry about republic day clothes anymore.

Stay beautiful as you wear these amazing ethnic wear sets on republic day. Keep shopping from SHREE and explore more such designs at our website for republic day and other occasions or events.

Happy Republic Day to all!

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