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Which Color to Wear on Makar Sankranti?

Which Color to Wear on Makar Sankranti?

Which Color to Wear on Makar Sankranti

Ever wondered what is the true meaning of the festival of Makar Sankranti? Well, “makar” means capricorn and “sankranti” means movement of the Sun from a particular rashi to another rashi. Rashi means the constellation of the zodiac.

Knowing its meaning, the festival starts making more sense than before, and you genuinely enjoy celebrating it with full zeal, all dressed up. Of the 12 Sankrantis in a year, the most auspicious one is Makar Sankranti. It’s a Hindu festival that is well-aligned with the solar cycle. Like Lohri, this festival also marks the onset of good harvest. Lohri is celebrated usually in Punjabi families while Makar Sankranti is celebrated in most Hindu households.

From 14th January onwards, you notice a change in the weather. The gloominess is left behind and the sun begins to change its movement by starting from Dakshinayana to Uttarayana (South to North hemisphere).

Historically speaking, on the day of Makar Sankranti, Lord Vishnu defeated the demons that wreaked havoc on Earth by cutting off their heads and burying them under huge mountains. This symbolizes the ceasing of negative energies paving a way for positive vibes. While you will be engrossed in preparing for rituals, consuming freshly harvested grains, popping corn, devouring khichdi, and welcoming the spring season, you won’t get time to look for a proper outfit to wear on the festival.

Fret not, we at Shree are here to help you. We’ve made a list of 4 of our most charming outfits that could become your Sankranti wear now. From black ethnic wear to trendy dresses for women, there’s everything lined up for you. A long list of party wear ethnic dresses awaits you.

The Combo of Maroon with Black; Charming Black Ethnic Wear for Women

When collided, the colors Maroon and Black look as beautiful as one could think of. This combination makes you look glamorous and elegant at the same time. The charm is further enhanced when this black ethnic wear gets donned as a modern wear by the modern woman. Wondering how? Well, here you go.

This maroon kurta pant set is made of shantoon fabric, which looks silky and feels soft on your body. Its shine allows this set to become an ideal festive wear. Its dupatta makes it a charming black ethnic wear for women. Want to know how to style? Read ahead.

Get Styling Tips for Maroon and Black Ethnic Outfit

Ethnic outfit in maroon and black makes one look ideal for festivals. You can style it up beautifully by implementing these tips:

  • Maroon and black color looks wonderful when paired together. Find earrings that have a little of both the colors.
  • Wear a small pendant to accentuate your collarbones. The small round neckline will allow you space for a thin pendant only.
  • For footwear, you could choose statement heels or block heels.

Peacock Blue Kurta Set for Makar Sankranti

When it’s time for a good harvest, what excites you the most is dressing up beautifully. New harvest makes peacocks dance around the greenery. Replicate the same by wearing this beautiful peacock blue kurta set for Makar Sankranti.

With a touch of gold on top, this peacock blue kurta set makes you want to dance like a peacock whenever you wear it. But how do you style it? Go on, get the tips below.

How to Style a Peacock Blue Kurta with Trouser Set

The Peacock Blue kurta set is easiest to style up because the color itself accentuates your look. Here’s how to style well:

  • Style with gold earrings or necklace. Or you could wear junk jewellery with this ethnic set.
  • For footwear, wear juttis, Kolhapuri chappals or
  • Wear a stylish pair of blue or golden colored
  • Get yourself blue colored hair accessories and place it in the bun of your hair.

A Complete Black Ethnic Wear for Makar Sankranti

Black ethnic wear makes you look dashing, and therefore most young women prefer to wear black on festivals like Makar Sankranti. This year, you could be one of those women and opt for this stylish combo of black and pink from Shree. The block print on the Kurta enhances the overall look of the garment, and makes you look gorgeous whenever you wear this outfit.

Look even better than you expect to look with this black outfit. Get your styling tips below.

Look Trendy in this Printed Black Ethnic Wear for Party

A printed ethnic set is easy to style if the right accessories and footwear are picked. Follow the trend by using the following styling tips:

  • With wide leg pants, block heels or flats look better. Choose the footwear wisely.
  • Allow yourself to look charming by accessorizing all black. Pick black pearl earrings and a hand accessory.
  • Keep your hair flowing open with this printed kurta wide leg pant and dupatta set.

Purple Traditional Makar Sankranti Kurta Set for Women

For those women who love wearing purple, finding a full-fledged traditional wear becomes a bit daunting sometimes. But your problem is solved now. This purple traditional kurta set for women comes with beautiful beige embellishments. But what accentuates this piece even more is its fitting. This ethnic set offers you the best fitting and style. So, get it for the upcoming festivals and enjoy making heads turn as you walk by. Want to know how to wear it and what to wear with it? Well, go on and get some tips ahead.

Look Glamorous by Wearing this Purple Ethnic Set

You have to be careful while accessorizing with a purple ethnic set. So, here’s what you can do:

  • Get a statement watch and wear it on one of your hands and leave the other hand empty. Perhaps wear a big ring on your finger.
  • When choosing footwear, go for only heels. Whether it is statement pencil heels or block heels, you can wear either of them.
  • Match a cream colored dupatta with this ethnic set.
  • Look gorgeous by getting a hair bun made by a professional.
  • For earrings, wear long silver jhumkis.

With these styling tips for these ethnic sets, you can look the best version of yourself this Makar Sankranti. Buy more such outfits on ByShree, surf the website and find it yourself.

Wishing you all a very happy Makar Sankranti.

Happy shopping with Shree!

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