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Why Pick a Stylish Indian Dress for Christmas?

Why Pick a Stylish Indian Dress for Christmas?

Why Pick a Stylish Indian Dress for Christmas

Over the years, Christmas as a festival has made a special place in our hearts. It has carved its space even in the hearts of people belonging to other religions. Making merry, baking sumptuous Christmas cakes that are to be devoured with hot coffee, decorating the Christmas tree and wearing furs. The festival has become a favorite of many in today’s times.

Usually, on Christmas, people prefer to wear a western outfit. One of the reasons for this is that 25th of December is a chilly day, and it’s apt to wear a western attire that could be layered up with bundles of sweaters and jackets.

Well, we at Shree, are here to break the conventions. So, this time, we urge you to go for an ethnic outfit; a stylish Indian dress on Christmas. The idea is to make you look different, or rather we’d say unique.

Make this Christmas season your own by picking up that stylish Indian dress, the perfect dress for Christmas. Wondering how to do that? Well, what are we here for?

Read on to get a glimpse of a charming Indian wear collection that is also quite perfect for Christmas time. 

Rust Ornamental Printed Christmas Dress

It’s more red than rust, to be honest. Aren’t these the two colors that depict the essence of Christmas? The red of Santa Claus’ outfit and the rust of the reindeers keep reminiscing in our minds whenever we see these colors.

This year, you’ve decided to dress up in ethnic on Christmas. And so, we are here to further encourage you and provide you with immense options to dress up brilliantly in red and rust.

Here’s an ideal ornamental printed dress for Christmas. Try it out and be prepared to fall in love with yourself this time.

Simple Ways to Style this Outfit for Christmas

If you are planning to wear this outfit for Christmas, then you are in luck today. We have some mind-blowing styling tips for you.

  • The frills of the dress will go well with your hair tied up with a ruffle.
  • Add a simple silver belt to accentuate your waistline.
  • Wear statement heels or flats; make sure to add an anklet on one of your ankles.
  • Since Christmas is a pure winter festival, wear a stole around your arms to keep yourself warm.

Cream & Mustard Dress for Christmas

Christmas brings joy into your lives, and a lot of cake and cream too! Well, replicate your inner feelings into your dresses as you wear this cream & mustard dress for Christmas this season.

Glow differently in this cream dress by pairing it with your favorite sweater or jacket.

Enhance your Style Quotient with a Cream Christmas Dress

While you’d be seeing everything red and white on Christmas, wearing this dress will give you a warm demeanor. Allow yourself to look dashing by following these styling tips:

  • Wear flats or 1-2 inches of heels with this outfit.
  • Take a brown stoll around your neck or around the arms to give it an Indian look.
  • Wear a statement pendant to accentuate your neckline.
  • Keep your hair open for a chic look.

Shimmery Pink Printed Dress for Christmas

Not many women prefer to wear pink on Christmas. And so, this is your chance to dress up differently by picking this charming pink dress from Shree. It’s a long dress with silver print embellishing the lower part of it. The midriff is rather simple but complements the flowy part of the dress.

This pink dress is a fusion of ethnic and western attire. The silhouette of the dress comes out as western whereas the print and pattern of the dress comes out as ethnic. That makes it even more Christmas-worthy. Get some brilliant styling tips to further glorify the dress below.

Look Chic by Styling Pink Christmas Dress Beautifully

Some women like it simple but some would accessorize so well that even a simple dress would look exquisite on them. If you belong to the latter category, then we have some amazing styling tips for you.

  • Get a silver pendant and a matching bracelet. It’ll be even better if you get a single-layered choker to go with this dress.
  • Wear block heels or flats to look like a princess in this dress.
  • Add a silver belt to highlight your waistline.
  • Wear a hairband and keep your hair flowing. If you like them tied up, make a high ponytail.

Multicolored Rayon Floral Dress for Christmas

If all colors are beautiful in your eyes, then this charming multicolored dress will be your next favorite. Bring home this rayon floral Christmas dress and look trendy on the festival. Don’t forget to accessorize well with a dress as simplistic and elegant as this.

This floral dress has a peculiar western touch to it so much so that your long trench coat or a fluffy jacket wouldn’t disturb the essence of the dress. Want some more styling tips for this dress. Go on, read ahead.

Charm Everyone Around by Styling the Multicolored Christmas Dress Well

Here’s your chance to make heads turn. Don’t miss it! Wear this multicolored floral dress on Christmas and style it amazingly using the following tips.

  • Add a brooch at the midriff to glam up the dress for a Christmas party.
  • Wear pencil heels or block heels with this dress.
  • Pick a long black trench coat and a scarf if it’s too cold outside.
  • Tie your hair in a high ponytail or keep them open with a bow hairband on.
  • Wear a watch with this dress and get an ideal corporate look.

Explore more such dresses by surfing the website. Don’t forget to take a look at the latest collection at Shree.

Merry Christmas!

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