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  • Women Green Straight Ornamental Printed Kurta

    मूल कीमत Rs. 899.00
    मूल कीमत Rs. 899.00 - मूल कीमत Rs. 899.00
    मूल कीमत Rs. 899.00
    मौजूदा कीमत Rs. 539.00
    Rs. 539.00 - Rs. 539.00
    मौजूदा कीमत Rs. 539.00
    स्टॉक ख़त्म

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION:If you like sobering up yet looking stylish on festivalsthen this green kurta from SHREE will become your favorite. Grab this s...

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    मूल कीमत Rs. 899.00
    मूल कीमत Rs. 899.00 - मूल कीमत Rs. 899.00
    मूल कीमत Rs. 899.00
    मौजूदा कीमत Rs. 539.00
    Rs. 539.00 - Rs. 539.00
    मौजूदा कीमत Rs. 539.00
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Bhoomi Utsav Collection

Bhoomi Utsav is a collection that celebrates tradition and culture at the core. It translates into tales that are unspoken yet widely visible. The celebration of Indian festivals coupled with the cultural nuance that follows them gives every Indian woman a chance to dress up in ethnic. That’s exactly what this collection celebrates.

Bhoomi literally means earth and Utsav literally means celebration. So, it’s a celebration of the earth. As the name goes, the collection depicts outfits that are inspired by earthy elements and showcase earthy colors such as beige, navy blue, mustard, red, and more. These colors look exemplary when worn with contrasting colors, especially in the ethnic sets.

The collection, holistically, speaks to you in a language that has always been yours. Go ahead and explore what the Bhoomi Utsav Collection entails for you.

Traditional Printed Kurtas with Trousers

As mentioned above, the Bhoomi Utsav collection speaks bundles about the tradition and culture of India. Moving ahead with the same, the collection comes with an ethnic set that showcases traditional print. It makes you look truly Indian whenever you dress up in this attire. The traditional printed kurta with trouser outfit is ideal for different occasions, whether it is a festival or a family event. Besides, you can always carry a charming dupatta along with these ethnic sets.

Why to Buy Bhoomi Utsav Kurtas with Trousers

Here are a few reasons why buying these traditional printed kurtas with trousers this festive season would be great:

  • It looks bling; simply amazing.
  • The pant and kurta match well with each other.
  • The traditional print highlights well whenever you wear this outfit.
  • Long kurtas with straight pants are ideal outfit options for any festive occasion.
  • These traditional print kurtas with trousers are available in different vibrant colors and hues.

Here are some tips to style up these Bhoomi Utsav kurtas with trousers:

  • Make sure you pair up this ethnic set with the right colored dupatta or stole.
  • Carry your dupatta on your right shoulder to let the neckline and your neckpiece get some attention.
  • Pair hoops or long jhumkas with this kind of outfit.
  • Buy block heels or pumps for footwear.
  • Keep your hair open; straighten them up if you like.

Ornamental Printed Kurta with Trouser

Nowadays, minimalistic designs are totally in fashion. Millennials have been endorsing such prints and designs on their Insta posts almost every other day. And there’s every reason to do so because these prints look gorgeous when worn in an ethnic outfit.

One such print that has quickly become a favorite of many women out there is the ornamental print. No doubt, the ornamental printed kurta with trouser is one of the most loved outfits from the Bhoomi Utsav collection at Shree. It’s a lovely ethnic set that gives you a chance to accessorize yourself according to your preference.


Why to Buy Bhoomi Utsav Ornamental Printed Kurta with Trouser?

Some of the reasons why we believe that this festive season, getting a Bhoomi Utsav ornamental printed kurta with trouser will be perfect for you are:

  • The kurta comes with a pocket! So, you get perfect functionality.
  • The ethnic set comes with minimalistic ornamental print, which makes you look elegant.
  • It comes with a matching sober solid straight pant.
  • Mandarin collar necklines are ideal for a corporate party look.

Here are some styling tips to charm up these ornamental printed kurtas with trouser outfits:

  • Add more glamour to your outfit by adding a contrasting dupatta to it.
  • Make it look chic by adding a belt to your waist. It’d also accentuate your waistline better.
  • Wear a bracelet or a statement watch to look more corporate in this look.
  • Pick danglers for earrings and pencil heels for footwear.

Printed Kurtas from Bhoomi Utsav Collection

This is the era of print; people love wearing different kinds of prints on different occasions. When it’s a close relative’s wedding, ornamental prints go perfectly well with simplistic makeup and accessorizing. And when it’s an event at your home, a simple striped print or floral print on your kurta makes you look ideal.

The youngsters are falling in love with different prints out there, especially when it comes to ethnic wear. That is precisely why printed kurtas from the Bhoomi Utsav collection will become your favorite, if they haven’t yet.

Why to Buy Bhoomi Utsav Printed Kurtas?

There are ample of reasons why you should buy your next festive outfit should be from Shree’s Bhoomi Utsav collection. Some of those are given below:

  • The Bhoomi Utsav printed kurtas display block print technique at its best.
  • Ornamental print is not just confined to silver or gold; it’ll also come in pink and blue and other colors.
  • The kurtas have a pocket on the side for better functionality.
  • The kurtas come in ¾ sleeves and a mandarin collar neckline.

So, how do you style them up? Well, here’s how.

  • Match the print of the kurta with the color of your earrings.
  • Pair the kurta with a gold colored leggings or a contrasting pant.
  • Wear statement heels for footwear with this type of kurta.
  • Add glimmer to your outfit by wearing a kada on one hand.

Check them all out at Shree’s exclusive website and explore more outfit options for the festivities from the Bhoomi Utsav Collection.

Happy shopping!