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Reet Collection

Reet- The Auspicious Rituals

We are living in a country that is rich in unique traditions that almost always amuse us. The AW21 Reet has described the reet-rivaaz of an Indian festive occasion. Even if you are attending a wedding or hosting your festive event, you can wear this glorious new festive collection from Shree. There are hundreds of festivals in India to explore, so why not experience the style of ethnicity and tradition of Reet.

We know clothing in India depends on the climate, cultural traditions, and ethnicity of each region. Traditional Indian ethnic wear for women showcases fantastic skills passed down from generation includes embroidery, embellishment, and printing, as well as ornate textiles such as fine silk. Adding all these to our new festive collection has enhanced the true meaning and made this collection more peculiar for you.

Ethnic wear for women is not just fashion. It is a way of life. We have shaped and influenced Veda’s rituals to our new AW21 Reet Collection.


Wear the Ritual with Reet Collection

AW21 Reet festive collection has an in-depth meaning, which translates to Indian rituals. The collection features sacred colors: red, green, and yellow. These colors have their own story to tell. We have used only traditional and ritual colors for this ethnic wear collection. Perform your rituals in the shades of festive spirit.


Weave on Reet

The AW21 Reet has large ranges in festive ethnic wear. This new festive collection features ethnic sets for women, Kurta & skirt set for girls, and salwar kameez with dupattas that you can carry with ease on any festive occasion.

Mark your presence in graceful handcraft sunehri gold prints, embroideries, layered in complementing tones for a refined yet stylish look. Our gracious embellishments festive outfits for women are effortless and easy on printed motifs and charming details. This exquisite festive wear in sacred hues is perfect for your joyful moments and celebration. The Reet collection is made from poly silk and rayon fabric that will give you comfort with style. The timeless elegance of this festive ethnic wear collection is instantly striking and perfect for intimate gatherings.


The Essence of Sacred Colors

The AW21 Reet festive collection include traditional colors such as:

  • Red: The color red has played an instrumental role in Indian's customs and beliefs. Perhaps the most significant one being in the life of a married woman.
  • Yellow: In spring in India unmarried girls wear yellow clothes.

In the southern part of India, the yellow thread is tied around the neck of the bride by the groom symbolizing marriage and its sanctity. It is clear that yellow has much symbolic meaning.

  • Green: The color green, such as leaves, are used in many Indian prayer rituals because the color is representative of the natural world that the deities created. Since the deities are associated with the color green, it is symbolic of the happiness, peace, and harmony that the deities bring to Indians. Green also represents fertility, life, and rebirth that are found in nature. Ultimately, green is considered a color that symbolizes the same tranquility and calmness evident in the deities and the natural world.


Influence of Traditional Ritual in Ethnic Wear

Reet ethnic wear and Indian culture are two sides of one coin that means both are present in the Indian culture in a different way, but the purpose is the same. When people wrapped their self in Indian ethnic wear then it looks really adorable because Indian culture is automatically coming out. 

Rituals are sacred & powerful because they exceed what is being done presently. There’s an intention, energy, and commitment behind them. There’s connection, awareness, and devotion. These are conscious acts that are being done with the confidence that they will have a positive impact in the future. Our new ethnic wear collection does not even bring the joyous of festivals but also the commitment, powerfulness, and devotion to it.

What has changed at the moment is that we have a myriad of options available to choose from color, designs, fabric, and style. Just think of the range of your desired fabrics available such as cotton, georgette, silk, liva, rayon, etc. The multiple embroideries and embellishments on these fabrics add to the regality of an outfit and the style makes clothing in Reet ethnic wear even more fun.

Indian festivals reveal the cultural importance of preserving traditions in people’s minds by celebrating every ritual with grand celebrations. Make your festivals grand with our new edit Reet- The auspicious rituals.