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Abeer Collection

Our new festive collection is an ode to the timeless beauty of calico enchanting blooming scents. In Arabic, the word Abeer means fragrance, and the beauty of calico flowers has inspired many generations. Nature-inspired designs are the most loveable and romanced motifs across time. The festive collection theme found in charming calico floral motifs has been reimagined in vibrant hues and our classic contemporized silhouettes. 

These calico florals will bring a comical sense to your wardrobe. The new Abeer collection will compose an aura of mystic romance. You are bound to fall for this festive collection, layered with the fragrance of calico flowers. Each design has a calico floral connotation interpreted in a unique format. You will find all the colors of the blooming garden to pick from, be it royal blues or tangy oranges.

Our amusing Abeer collection of easy festive wear is bursting with playful calico florals, thread embroideries, mirror embellishments, and lively hues. It features festive Kurtas and ethnic sets with flowing dupattas. This festive collection is perfect for lounging around on festive days.

The festive season is just around the corner with the trees changing color to golden hues and sprinkling their leaves in the crisp October flurry. As we unite with our loved ones to celebrate in gratitude for good health and faith for the future, let us accept a bit more enjoyment with a new festive collection that flatters every moment of happiness this season.


Celebratory Salwar Suit with Dupatta

Ornate festive blooms and gorgeous calico in garden hues gracefully adorn our printed Kurtas, dupattas, and pants or salwars. Explore Shree's newest festive collection featuring printed Salwar, LIVA fabric, festive Kurtas with pocket, and delightful delicate tassel doris. This Abeer collection will complement your festive wardrobe.


Celebratory Pant Suit with Dupatta

Elegant borders, soft calico floral contrasts, and moderate 3/4 sleeve details are timeless embellishments. This Abeer collection comes in relaxing outfits with vibrant tints and lively calico motifs. Plus, this festive collection is layered in cool garden hues and floral prints featuring with round neck, sophisticated geometric printed pants, double shade dupatta, and A-line silhouettes. Our breezy LIVA festive Kurta sets are crafted in heavenly fits for comfortable festive ethnic wear.


What is Calico?

Calico, all-cotton fabric woven in traditional or tabby weave, is printed with simple designs in one or more colors. Calico was originated in Calicut, India in the 11th century and in the 17th and 18th centuries, calicoes were an important commodity traded between India and Europe.

  • Calico Flowers

The calico vine or flower is a perennial native to Brazil that resembles its relative, the Dutchman’s pipe, and even commonly shares the name for the shape of its bloom. This climbing vine is a pretty addition to warm climate gardens.

  • Never Go Out of Vogue with Floral 

These motifs can be traced back to the 14th century when traders from the East used to import the florals to European states to gain a better reputation. Floral prints were acknowledged as a status symbol because they were so highly priced but slowly Europeans learned to copy them and started producing them at cheaper prices. Deliberately it became widely available with Italians producing some highly embroidered florals.  

Calico, one of the most famous floral fabrics, was rated as the most luxurious fabric of that time and from that year till now, the love affair with florals continues. The beauty of this fabric lies in its versatility. It’s available in millions of colors, patterns, and textures. Besides, florals are undoubtedly the go-to patterns for every season and occasion.

With multiple inspirations, our designers at Shree left no stone unturned. They curated a collection that truly spoke of the floral beauty

Check out the latest festive collection Abeer from Shree. Molded to fit perfectly into every kind of cultural environment whether you’re with family, friends, or loved ones, the Abeer collection is stocked with classic Indian wear silhouettes painted in the colors of luster. And they’re all made in skin friendly LIVA fabric decorated with fine calico prints and embroidery to suit a variety of occasions.